Voice Faculty

Peggy Hua

Peggy Hua is a Vancouver-based conductor and an advocate for the arts. As a frequent sought-after clinician, Peggy has directed performances in Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Chan Centre, and Roundhouse Theatre. Graduated from UBC with B.Mus in Piano and M.Mus in Choral Conducting, Peggy has studied voice with Geordie Roberts, Heather Pawsey, Paula Kremer, and conducting under Lars Kaario, Dr. John van Duersen, Dr. Rob Taylor, Maestro Dwight Bennett, Dr. Graeme Langager, and Maestro Vance George.

Currently, Peggy works with a wide range of singers and instrumentalists from the age of six to ninety, directing Downton Singers, Left Coast Labour Chorus, Elgar Strings, various Buddhist choirs, and serving as the associate conductor of Cor Flammae.

Outside the music world, Peggy serves as Citizen Rep on the Environment Committee Board of Burnaby City Hall, Board Member of Egret Music Centre, Member-At-Large of the Vancouver Women’s Musical Society, Executive Director of Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, and co-owns Once Upon a Time: Macarons.

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