VCSM Policies

VCSM Registration and School Policies


  1. Registration takes place through the school office only
  2. Tuition and fees must be paid according to one of the payment options shown below, before a student may begin instruction or program participation
  3. All students are required to pay a non‐refundable registration fee $15 (First time only); Registration fees will not exceed the amount of $25 per year for each family (2 or more students); Registration fee will be waved for the returning students who register before the end of August for the next school year (commence in September)
  4. Pre‐registration for returning students occurs in the Month of May; General registration opens June 1
  5. Fees are pro‐rated for students that register during the school year

Withdrawals and Refunds

  1. Tuition and fees for the first four private lessons are non‐refundable
  2. There are no refunds if a student withdraws from a group class after it has started, as his/her place cannot be filled
  3. The date of any withdrawal will be the date the office receives written notification from the instructor
  4. Should a student withdraw from instruction after the first four scheduled lessons, a maximum penalty of four additional lessons from the date of written notification may be applied, as an instructor’s time has been reserved for the entire school year
  5. No refunds are offered to students with fewer than four scheduled lessons remaining

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