Suzuki Violin Class

Suzuki Violin Class open for Registration

Winter Term (Jan.10–Mar.13)

Sunday 10-11am

Suzuki is based upon inclusive learning principles that every child can learn a musical instrument as naturally and effectively as they learn to speak and play. In keeping with the belief that a child’s environment is important to learning, musical skills are nurtured in both a classroom and home setting. Suzuki parents attend lessons with their children, and become acquainted with the ideas and techniques introduced by the teacher so that they support the learning process in daily home practice. Parental support is vital to the musical development of Suzuki students as emphasized at the parental pre-registration meetings hosted prior to enrollment. Each child’s Suzuki journey begins with a group preparation classes where the fundamental skills of playing, and handling of instruments is demonstrated, as well as tips and suggestions for parents regarding how to foster their child’s musical enjoyment. Private lessons begin following the completion of the preparation classes as the essential set-up principles have been established that lead to future instrumental success.

Group Violin