2018 Music Summer Camp


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2018 Summer Music Camp

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The classes in the Camp are Musicianship, Vocal and Instruments Oriented


Musicianship classes are essential to the student’s awareness of all the elements of music. This class will help students develop music reading and rhythm skills, learn about famous composers, listen and learn about music from around the world


Fun with the Instruments (piano, guitar, drum etc.)

Students will be introduced to different instruments including piano, guitar, drum, learn to read the notes and recognize the keys/strings, basic techniques of playing, including individual and group instructions. (Private coach will be provided if your child is not a beginner)


The Voice Kids

Sing together, sing for fun! This program offers the children a unique experience of music and performing. Students gain the ability to express themselves, build confidence, explore their imagination and develop basic social skills while learning singing, movement, together with theatre concepts and terminology.IMG_8582

Outdoor playtime and Road trips are included everydayIMG_8551

Camp runs from Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm, after camp care until 5:30pm (extra$15/day)

Road trip to science world (extra fee $15 for non-members);

Bring your own snacks (morning and afternoon) and lunch;

Program Fee: $289/week

Registration Fee $30 (including material and instruments rental).

Please feel free to inquire us for more information.

Location: 9 East Broadway. Vancouver, BC V5T1V4

(Rare parking is available)

Tel: 604-565-8999, Email: vcsminfo@gmail.com

Early Registration is recommended, since spaces are limited.

Registration fee $30 will be waived if you register before May 31st, 2018.

Please fill up the following online registration form and click one of the following link to pay by credit card or pay at the school.



Week One (July 9-13) Early Bird                 Week Two (July 16-20) Early Bird

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Week Three (July 23-27) Early Bird         Week Four (August 13-17) Early Bird

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Week Five (August 20-24) Early Bird                After Camp Care ($15/day)

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4 thoughts on “2018 Music Summer Camp”

    1. Yes, we do provide weekend program for kids in the fall, we have not sort out our final schedule yet, if you prefer, we can send email to you and keep you updated. We also provide private instrumental or vocal lessons on weekend and weekdays for 6 years old. Thank you for your interest.


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